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Dustin Garrick

Dustin Garrick

University of Oxford

Dr Dustin Evan Garrick is a Lecturer of Environmental Management at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford. His work examines policies, institutions and incentives addressing water scarcity and climate variability in stressed river basins. His recent book, Water Allocation in Rivers under Pressure, compares the evolution and performance of water markets and river basin governance in the Colorado, Columbia and Murray-Darling River Basins – three closed rivers at the forefront of water challenges globally. In this work, he advances theory and evidence on property rights and resource allocation, working at the leading edge of multiple research traditions, including collective action and the commons, political economy and path dependency, and risk governance and climate adaptation. His current work addresses water security challenges through research-practice partnerships examining the political economy of water markets; disaster risk and drought resilience in transboundary federal rivers; and the development and use of institutional indicators by water managers and development practitioners. He is also scoping new research on the commons and enterprise – exploring the evolving roles of public and private enterprise in the stewardship of water commons during the Anthropocene, as a widening range of corporate, public sector, civil society and development interests try to work together to govern shared resources in the face of unprecedented complexity and variability.

His work has been published in Science, Annual Review of Environment and Resources, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society and several public policy and economics journals. He also holds grants from the Canadian and Australian Research Councils to investigate adaptation to climate extremes and water allocation reform in North America and Australia.

He has a special interest in interdisciplinary and science-practitioner networks that connect science and policymaking. He currently serves on the management committee of the Food, Energy, Environment and Water (FE2W) Network. He recently served on the Global Water Partnership / OECD task force on Water Security and Sustainable Growth and is active on a number of international and comparative water policy projects. In these roles, he has served as a consultant to the OECD and World Bank as well as a range of international partners.

Prior to re-joining Oxford in July 2016, Dr Garrick was Philomathia Chair of Water Policy at McMaster University, a research fellow at the University of Oxford and a Fulbright Scholar in Australia, where he remains a research associate of the Centre for Water Economics, Environment and Policy at Australian National University.