Water Governance and Watershed Planning in British Columbia First Nations Communities

Principal Investigator - Dr. Leila Harris, University of British Columbia, 2012-2016


This research has been disseminated through several presentations and key end-user oriented workshops:

  • Simmons, R. (2014). IRES Seminar Series
  • Harris, L., Bakker, K. (2014). Water and Innovation: An Interdisciplinary Exploration. Workshop at UBC Peter Wall Institute.
  • Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources First Nations Youth Water Leadership Workshop. (2013).

Additionally, the research team hosted a series teleconferences and meetings with the project team and LSIB members to mobilize research efforts and work throughout the project duration.

This research has resulted in scholarly publications:

  • Simms, R. (2014). “Water is the basis of everything: First Nations and the shifting water governance landscape in B.C.” Master Thesis.
  • Simms, R. (2013). Book Review: Mascarenhas, M. (2012). Where the Waters Divide: Neoliberalism, White Priviledge, and Environmental Racism in Canada. The International Indigenous Policy Journal, 4(3): 1-4.


Outcomes include:

  • Strong relationships have been built with WEPGN partners and the LSIB Community.
  • It is anticipated that results of this work will help inform policy moving forward in BC, particularly given the recent approval of the Water Sustainability Act (WSA).
  • This research, through thesis and journal article publications, will contribute to increased knowledge on the topics of water governance and First Nations in B.C.
  • Several other lines of inquiry, including ongoing monitoring of co-governance arrangements with First nations in BC, are a result of this research.