Great Lakes Governance Reform for Place-based Regeneration of the Natural and Built Environment

Principal Investigator - Dr. Gail Krantzberg, McMaster University, 2012-2014


This research has resulted in scholarly books and end-user reports:

  • Urban Regeneration:  the Hamilton Brand.  2014.  Krantzberg, G., B. Humber and V. Grover.  Regeneration Institute for the Great Lakes and Renew Hamilton
  • Water Co-Management.  2013. Grover, V. and G. Krantzberg (eds.)  CRC Press
  • The Remedial Action Plan Program, Historical and Contemporary Overview. In Great Lakes Lessons in Participatory Governance. 2012. V. Grover and G. Krantzberg (eds.). Scientific Research Publishing. pp 245-256

In order to disseminate information to end-users, researchers have created several case studies:

  • The health hazards associated with different water governance methods, regulations and policies. Case Study of Halifax.
  • Policy Direction to Fast-Track Low Impact Development Adoption
  • Upper Tier and Lower Tier Municipality Integration to Collaborative Address Population Growth, Aging Infrastructure and Climate Change


Outcomes include:

  • Increased knowledge and through research and collaboration and the provision of an Urban Regeneration Handbook.
  • Strengthened relationships with partners by hosting workshops surrounding the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and application of the project's research outputs.