Extending Municipal Water Demand Forecasting Capacities by Incorporating Behavioural Responses

Principal Investigator - Dr. Steven Renzetti, Professor, Brock University, 2013-2014


Outputs include:

  • Construction of a demand forecasting computer model and user manual
  • Facilitation of a water demand forecasting workshop
  • Real-world case studies of cities who have adopted the demand forecasting model
  • Renzetti et al. (2015). Using demand elasticity as an alternative approach to modeling future community water demand under a conservation-oriented pricing system: An exploratory investigation. Canadian Water Resources Journal. Volume 40(1): 62-70
  • Study featured in Water Canada publication ǮSmall demands: How to bring water demand forecasting to small utilitiesǯ, April 17, 2015. URL:


Anticipated Outcomes Include:

  • With the estimation of residential water demand models, the calculation of price and other elasticities and the construction of a demand forecasting model, the outputs of stage 1 are expected to produce the following outcomes:
  • Greater capacity for Guelph, Calgary and the CRD to undertake enhanced water demand forecasting
  • Increased awareness of the potential for improved demand forecasting through peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations
  • By holding a water demand forecasting workshop, the project is expected to produce the following outcomes
  • Contributing to the achievement of the CWWA National Water and Energy Efficiency Committeeǯs listed purpose and functions
  • Improved understanding of water demand forecasting demonstrated by workshop attendees